About Us

In 2013, my doctor gave me an ultimatum.

I was 66 pounds overweight.  I was pre-diabetic.  I had hypertension, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and high cholesterol.  I had excruciating lower back pain as a direct result of the extra weight I was carrying around my waist.  Yet most important, I had a 7 year old daughter watching her dad self-destruct.

That’s when I decided to take my life back.  

I started cooking healthy meals for myself, and lost a total of 44 pounds.  I wrote my first cookbook, Fit Dad Cooking in May 2015.  I decided I wanted to help others live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and in February 2017, my wife Angie and I started Fit Dad Cooking.

Our daughter, Sydney, plays a big part in the company as a taste tester and my opponent in our monthly Chopped challenge.  She is also writing her first healthy cookbook for kids!

It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.  Fit Dad Cooking is not a diet program, rather, it helps customers create better habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

~ Mark Campanale

To learn more about Fit Dad Cooking and how you can live a healthier lifestyle, contact Angie or Mark.